5 years and counting

This week marks the 5th anniversary of our so-called farm life. And we’ll celebrate by having friends over from the city because sharing a little slice of the country is what we love doing most.

Looking back, many of our adventures – and misadventures – have been chronicled here for all to see. So we thought it’d be fun to share some favorite posts from the past few years. And as we prepare to embark on the next five years who knows what will happen? But we’ll continue to keep you updated on that journey while sharing happy things all along the way. So thanks for following. Here’s to discovering more of your own happy places – and greener pastures – in the days to come.IMG_3257(2)

Five years and a few favorite posts…

2009 – ‘Gunnite, Talladega and a Diver’

2010 – ‘Buyer’s Remorse-less’

2011 – ‘Heaven Sent’

2012 – ‘A Diner, a Stranger, and then a Friend’

2013 – ‘A Day on the Down’

And a bonus: ‘Country Calm’

P.S. To mark the 5th anniversary, we have something fun in ‘store’ which we’ll tell you about this fall!

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