a day on the down

This morning I stopped to let a bunny cross the road. He sat up, took a long look at me, then hopped away into a field. He wasn’t worried…nor was he in any particular hurry. It was such a sweet little moment, and made me think of our trip to England this past spring and a day we spent in the countryside, in Hampshire, with painter Aldo Galli, exploring the beautiful (and very real) area known as Watership Down. Aldo created all of the new illustrations in the 40th anniversary edition of the beloved novel named after the same and — lucky for us — has become a friend. Mike and I took only a few photos that day (we were just too busy taking it all in), but Aldo recently sent us some more, this time featuring the big, beautiful rabbits that still inhabit the area, captured during one of the many walks he regularly takes on the Down.

We think the rabbits there have long since accepted him as one of their own.

newtownchurchyardcollageNew Town Churchyard, from the novel

wdcollageOn the way up


The Beech Hanger


wdcollage2Nuthanger Farm








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