Puppy Power

Babies bring new life and energy to our lives, and remind us what it’s like to see the world anew again. Out here we have a new addition who’s helping us do just that. We’re ecstatic to introduce you to Tallulah Star! She’s a happy, wonderful mess at this stage and still learning the ropes. But she’s growing into a great family farm dog and we’re all smitten. (Here’s hoping she grows into those big ears soon!)



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From the first summer we moved in, a few old toads have come to hang out each night by (and sometimes in) the pool. Not all have survived us. Dogs got one, cats got another. And someone ran over a big one with the car. But these stoic toads keep coming back every summer — probably to catch bugs under the outside floodlights. Mike even bought them a little house.

Last summer, a young man from our town took this visiting toad experience to a whole new level…creating custom hats for one patient, and obviously fashion-forward, amphibian, in order to help cheer up a child who had lost his pet toad. He only shared the photos just recently, and they spread like wildfire overnight. Since posting, over 1 million curious folks have clicked to see the toad millinery. Read all about the Toad and his Hats on BuzzFeed.


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Scenes in Winter

Tonight as we were feeding the horses, a low fog rolled into the wet pastures just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. And as I excitedly tried to run back to the barn to grab my phone, I tripped over a fence wire and went Splat! Right into the mud. But never mind that. We still got the pictures. 🙂

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A Holiday Walk

A sweet end to a busy workday, walking in the woods with our dear friend Megan and the Minis — Charlie Horse and lil’ Humphrey. Oh, and Sammi Lu came along to chaperone the babies.

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‘Her Little Pony’

Well, it only took us 26 years…but Arielle now has her first “pony!” Technically speaking, he’s a miniature horse; however, we’ll not stand on formalities here. Our little girl is over the moon with her little “Humphrey” – and so are we!!


A very special thanks to M.W. Bridges for helping us find this little sweetie.

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