a journey, a purpose and some ‘dognition’



Three books your dog would like you to read and soon:


A Dog’s Journey and A Dog’s Purpose — these are now on order at our house. By happy accident I met author W. Bruce Cameron in Houston this month at a conference and naturally we chatted about all things dog — Well…mainly I prattled on about our own canine clan and then somehow managed to detour into a long sidebar about raising teenage daughters (he’s also the man behind 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter). Bruce was just so sweet and polite, I feel compelled to try and return the favor by giving his books and Facebook page a nice plug.


Coincidentally, Mike just pointed out an article about The Genius of Dogs. Pretty sure this book caught his attention due to that sweet Great Dane face on the cover, but we just ordered it as a surprise for his birthday next month anyway — Shhhhhhhh. Check out the author’s Q&A with Craig Wilson in USA Today.


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