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It’s going to get cold again Saturday, then winter will soon start to slip away here in the South. Before the warm weather returns, we’re thinking about investing in a soup tureen. In our 27 years of married life, Mike and I have never had one — heck, growing up I didn’t even know what a tureen was (let’s just say Joan Brooks did not do homemade soups). Anyway, we’re now thinking we gotta have one, and then it can be an heirloom for our kids. Do you have a tureen? Or a terrine?  Here are some we like.

Classic White

Classic White by Pottery Barn.

Ohhhh, love this in Cassis, by

Oooooh…love this in Cassis by Le Creuset.

Well, of course. (Etsy)

Well, of course. (Etsy)

If you have a really big 1830s Canton Soup Tureen from eBay.

If you have a big budget, an 1830s Canton Soup Tureen on eBay.

If you have aHUGE budget, an 1880spiece from Augustin Lahure.

If you have a HUGE budget, then possibly one from the 1880s (Augustin Lahure).

K, back to reality. Cool and modern from The Kitchn.

K, back to reality. Modern and fresh from The Kitchn.

Fresh n' lovely, from The Find.

Fresh n’ lovely, found through The Find.


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