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One of the sweetest voices ever to grace Atlanta’s stages was Kelly Hogan, formerly of the Jody Grind. Kelly, who moved to Chicago 10 years ago and now calls Evansville, Wisconsin home, has joined Jakob Dylan for his CD, Women + Country, and she’s been busy singing with fellow Georgians the Drive-By Truckers,the amazing Mavis Staples, and recording and touring with Neko Case. I once heard Kelly sing “O Holy Night” in Theatrical Outfit’s popular holiday show Appalachian Christmas. She blew everyone back in their seats that night when she hit the final high note. O, what an evening.

Kelly, wherever you are, just giving you a warm shout-out. Come South again soon, okay?  We miss ya.


Want a treat? Listen to Kelly belt out “No, Bobby Don’t” from Because It Feel Good Her new CD comes out this spring.


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