Things That Bring Me Joy

The Chertoff Mural prior to conservation, © 1961 by Maurice Sendak, all rights reserved.

If I were making a list of The Top 100 Things That Bring Me Joy, the art of Maurice Sendak would definitely be on it. I used to read In the Night Kitchen to Arielle over and over when she was small, and we never stopped marveling at the illustrations. Now, a mural, the only one ever created by Mr. Sendak, done just two years before he published Where the Wild Things Are, has been donated to The Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, the major repository for Sendak’s illustrations and manuscripts. There in Philly, this sweet painting of a children’s parade is being lovingly restored, and we’re sure going to find a way to get there to see it. To read about the Chertoff Mural or to learn how to support this important restoration project, visit the Rosenbach’s website or listen to today’s story from “All Things Considered.”

Milk In The Batter!
Milk In The Batter!
We Bake Cake!
And Nothing’s The Matter!
Copyright © 1970 by Maurice Sendak

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