Riding My Bike

When I was little I had, like most kids, a bike I loved. Mine had a big banana seat covered in bright mod flowers, and a woven plastic basket up front with a fake flower. I put plenty of miles on that little bike–and got plenty of scuffed up knees wrecking it. The ’70s bike is long gone now, but Mike recently got me a spiffy new Diamondback so we can cycle the Chief Ladiga Trail together. Living in the city, we never ride. But that’s no excuse. Now, with 33 miles of bike trail near the farm and a connection to the Silver Comet, we’re going to get out there soon and start pedaling.

Riding My Bike
My wheels don’t seem to touch the road
As I fly through the wind.
When I look down,
The road flashes by.
When I look up,
The world is slow motion again,
And I swerve a corner,
Almost floating.

Written by Anna Williams at age 10
Barnstable, Mass.

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