Meet Lola

Thus far we haven’t talked much about our animals. We have a few, and they’re of course a big part of the family. Now that we have a few extra acres, my hunch is we’ll be adding more over the next few years. While I can still count them, we’ll try to introduce you to all our four-legged family members. Let’s start with Lola. She was my 43rd birthday present, a big surprise. We already had one Great Dane at the time, Lucy, who took up plenty of space. Then along came Lola. Lucy passed away a year ago and now Lola is top dog. She’s the sweetest, most loving thing, except for one little flaw: when you walk her she attacks other dogs. And at 135 lbs, if she wants a piece of another dog, believe me, holding her back ain’t easy. This spring we hope to breed Lola and have a litter of pups. Maybe that will calm her down. And I’m quite sure that after one litter of Danes Mike will put an end to our breeding business. So friends, if you want an adorable puppy (and have a little extra room) get those orders in early.

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