hurry, summer!

It’s that time of year again. The time when we start counting down the days ’til June. And in our house, not only are the kids counting, but Mike and I find ourselves getting ever more excited…as we eagerly anticipate the long days of summer on the farm and happy new memories yet to be created.
Columnist Tyler Brûlé (“The Fast Lane”) perfectly captures what a summerhouse is all about in “A sad goodbye to my little island” from FT Weekend.

“Summerhouses and faithful old family dogs have a lot in common. The house on the lake, the cabin in the mountains or the farmhouse in the field are often the places that have the strongest hold on our senses and conjure the most vivid memories of childhood romps, teenage  sleepovers, lively family gatherings and silent nights spent reading by an open fire. Like the loyal family pet, the summerhouse is always on standby, is eager to please and comes to life when you offer the slightest attention. Left alone, it’s generally self-sufficient and sleeps till woken by the arrival of chattering family and friends.”

A summer dreamhouse


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