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Was catching up with a friend yesterday and we were talking about how do you give yourself permission to really “rest” when it seems like everybody around you wants or needs something (right! now!). Whether it’s a day, a week, a month or a year, most of us feel at least a little bit guilty when we slip away to allow our brains and bodies a little R&R. How nice, then, to stumble upon an article today featuring Senator Joe Lieberman’s book, “The Gift of Rest.” A couple of  months ago while traveling with a client, we ran smack dab into Sen. Lieberman at Reagan National, and what stood out most to us that morning was the senator’s big smile and genuine happiness–just walking through the terminal chatting it up with TSA officials and travelers. He seemed glad to stop and talk with everyone he met. “How refreshing,” I remember thinking, “and he’s not even running for office.” Then we hurried outside to find our ride.

Now, we’re not Jewish, and this post isn’t a political statement, but we thought the spirit of this book was worth a share. Here’s to finding the gift of rest on your own “Sabbath.”

“The Sabbath is an old but beautiful idea that, in our frantically harried and meaning-starved culture, cries out to be rediscovered and enjoyed by people of all faiths.” – Senator Joe Lieberman


See the senator discuss his book on CNN.


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