RIP, Virginia Matthews

So it’s raining and I’m sitting here in Atlanta reading every story in the newspaper to pass the time. And I come across the obituary of Virginia Matthews, mainly because the title catches my eye: “Family’s 50-acre farm meant the world to Winder resident.” And I read every word of this story, too. Mrs. Matthews and her husband, Jack, bought their farm in the 1960s for $7000. It became her most treasured possession, a place that gave her and her family peace. Grandson Chris Griffith likened the family retreat to Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden,” in which the author sought a better understanding of society through quiet solitude in nature. Coincidentally, the newspaper notes, the farm is on Walden Road. Virginia Acree Matthews, 79, died Tuesday on her farm in Winder, Ga. Here’s her story for your own rainy day reading. Rest in peace, Virginia.

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