Our City-Country Life

We’re now pretty settled into our life of contrasts:  weekdays in the city…working hard, racing through the days; weekends in the country…working hard, strolling through the days.  Here are just a few reasons why we love both. 

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Living in the City:

1.   Morningside
2.   Our C. 1925 house/fixer-upper (still working on it after 18 years)
3.   Piedmont Park
4.   Adrian’s soccer games
5.   Alon’s Bakery
6.   DeKalb Farmers Market
7.   The oh, so many good restaurants
8.   The Fox Theatre
9.   Local friends
10. Fast pace

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Living in the Country:
1.   The stars
2.   The Appalachian foothills
3.   The frogs that serenade us to sleep at night
4.   Waking up to the sun each morning, not the alarm clock
5.   Our big, ole ’70s Gunite pool
6.   Area codes aren’t needed when calling local
7.   Folks just driving up your driveway when they want to talk with you, usually with a bag of fresh-picked tomatoes, peaches or okra
8.   The Chief Ladiga Trail
9.   Local friends
10. Slow pace

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