Brave Little Creatures

Just a quick little update on the February post, “Things That Bring Me Joy.”

The Chertoff Mural by Maurice Sendak is now fully restored and on display at the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia. The Philly Inquirer caught up with the 82-year-old author/artist last month for his thoughts on the project. Sendak recalls fondly the period in 1961 when he created what was to become his only mural…how he shlepped up regularly from Greenwich Village, stood for long hours on a ladder surrounded by brushes and paint cans, and painted the whimsical children’s parade all while the Chertoff children played around him and ran in and out of their little bedroom overlooking Manhattan’s Central Park. He was known to them then simply as “Uncle Moo Moo.”  Read the full interview…

“I take kids seriously,” he says. “They have a lot of things wrong. They protect their parents. Children are brave little creatures.”

The Chertoff Mural. Copyright 1961 by Maurice Sendak. All rights reserved.

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