Rick Bragg’s Traveling Food

In this month’s Southern Living, Rick Bragg reminisces about some of the greatest meals he’s had on the road. Not fast food, mind you, but “traveling food.” And among his favorite stops are Tweener’s Cafe, started by Pee Wee Johnson and now run by his daughters, and Cecil’s Place both of which happen to be right near our farm. 

“It was always dusk and, it seems, always summer. My aunts would steer their Chevelles and Monte Carlos onto the gravel at Pee Wee Johnson’s joint. Change purses clutched in their fists, they would step into line with mill workers, pulp-wooders, and downy-faced soldiers destined for Vietnam. That takeout window in Jacksonville, Alabama, united us all with a common desire: the perfect footlong.”

Come for a visit this summer and we’ll go grab a footlong or a chocolate shake!

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