In Search of Cantharellus Cibarius

One of our neighbors has been telling us the back woods are a great place to forage for chanterelles and after a recent rain she proved it, showing up for a visit along with her sister and a bag full of these freshly picked beauties. Years ago, a professor who grew up foraging for mushrooms in Germany’s Black Forest taught them the edible parts of the woods and now they’ve generously passed on some of those teachings to us. I admit we were more than a little nervous that night as we chopped up the golden mushrooms, sauteed them in a little olive oil with salt and pepper and cautiously ingested them (delicious!) with no signs later of intestinal distress (phew!). And now that Mike has realized chantarelles likes these are going for $25/lb. and higher at gourmet food markets, I think we’ll do some foraging of our own in the near future! IMG_8742 IMG_8744Try these with eggs, on a pizza or in a creamy soup!


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