if chairs could smile

Remember these? If you were a child in the ’70s, chances are you or one of your friends had a Butterfly Chair in the house. I remember ours so well….Mom and Dad kept them in the back gravel driveway and we’d sit out there on summer evenings, batting away mosquitoes, chattering about the day, waiting for it to get almost dark so we could go play Capture the Flag at the Werners across the street. Fast forward to 2012. As the Brooks kids prepared for Mom’s estate sale this past spring, Mike and I were getting ready to leave her house when we took notice of the old chair frames still sitting there in the rocky driveway — lonely and rusted from years of neglect, ivy literally growing up over them — all the family noise and laughter now long gone. On impulse,we grabbed the three heavy iron chairs, hoisted them onto the moving truck and carried them off to Alabama where Mike has been cleaning, sanding and painting them ever since. Then we found a great source, Circa50, which has an in-house seamstress who makes covers for these old classics. So we promptly measured each chair (each one had a different measurement; go figure), put in our order and waited. The custom covers arrived recently and now the old chairs are back in action — waiting for folks to gather round and (we believe anyway) enjoying the sounds of laughter, and life, again.




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