Baby, it’s hot outside

If you’re living through sweltering heat like us right now, here’s an easy little concoction that’ll cool you off at the end of the day. We can’t take credit for it – that belongs to a friend who showed up at our campfire last week with a big tumbler of this summer brew. I took a swig, begged for the recipe and we made some tonight after feeding the animals. And after two glasses that went down, well, way too easy, we had to stop so we could still keep our wits about us (it is only Monday, after all). But we’ll be making the drink lots more during the hot days of August. In honor of our sweet and funny pal, we’ve christened this cocktail “Shelli’s Squeeze.”

Shelli’s Squeeze

Raspberry Simply Lemonade

2-3 large lemons


Mix to taste fresh-squeezed lemon juice, Raspberry Simply Lemonade and your preferred whiskey (we like Maker’s Mark). Pour over ice into chilled Mason Jars, add lemon slices or fresh raspberries, then imbibe!

Makes 1-2 drinks

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