Carhartt is Cool

When we started renovating the farm, we noticed a lot of local folks wore a special brand of clothing overalls, jackets, jeans, hats and the like with this logo stitched on them:

I’d never heard of this brand, but it seemed all the “cool” farmers were sporting it. So when it came time for some Christmas shopping I hoofed it on down to the local Tractor Supply to buy my man his very first Carhartt jacket. Made with solid duck fabric, heavy, tough and durable, this jacket is true workwear and, well, kinda sexy and macho, too. Mike wears it every time the temperatures drop, and now we have Carhartt gloves, hats, even socks. Pretty soon we might even pick up some jeans and overalls.

Dan Neil shares his personal history for Carhartt in today’s Wall Street Journal (My Carhartt Jacket, a Love Story), while at the same time lamenting the company’s recent changes and, Neil says, a decision to go “prêt-à-porter.” Still, despite the brand’s modernization, it remains a symbol of rugged craftsmanship and quality. But most importantly, out in the country, Carhartt is and always has been cool.

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