Orchard Update

We now have 26 healthy little trees growing in the orchard, thanks to Mr. Wigley, who helps us with some of the greenery around here. This year we’re determined to bring the sweet ol’ orchard back to fruit-bearing life. New additions include:
  • Golden & Red Delicious Apple
  • Gala & Granny Smith Apple
  • Early White Giant Peach
  • Delicious Peach
  • Elberta Queen Peach
  • Bartlett & Delicious Pear
  • Brown Turkey Fig
  • Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes

Also, the vegetable garden is being moved to a better spot (last year, Lisa B. and I planted a really nice garden…just in the wrong spot…my bad). But this year we’re gonna do better.  

Keep ya posted.

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