When corporate life gives you lemons…

It’s tough when jobs we love go away. That’s what happened to my friend Carol Ogg. Facing unemployment for the first time in her successful sales and marketing career, she had to unexpectedly start a new chapter. So this plucky lady picked up her knitting needles and got to work.
This year, she birthed Colorful Crowns (www.colorfulcrowns.com), a collection of hand-knit baby hats. Already, she’s getting a lot of buzz, with a nice plug in Skirt! magazine (http://skirt.com/daily_muse/carrot-top) and an upcoming feature in Points North. Each adorable hat fits newborns to 3-month-olds. Carol knits them by hand using fine Egyptian cotton yarn, and the caps come packaged in these cute, eco-friendly gift boxes. And, she’ll customize for special orders, such as sports team colors, whimsical patterns or monograms.
“I’ve been making hand-knit baby hats as my signature gift for years and, for the past 15 years, have probably knitted enough to cover a small village,” says Carol. “In 2009, Corporate America dealt me a hand I wasn’t prepared for and I found myself turning 50 and, for the first time in my life, unemployed. A wise friend told me not to cry over things money could fix. So, finding myself with a lot of extra time, a passion for starting my own business, and knitting needles all over the house, I put my hands to good use and started knitting like a maniac. It was cheaper than therapy!”
Carol’s 15-year-old daughter, Lauren, (who, by the way, has been a friend of Adrian D’Avanzo’s since they were wee ones themselves) donates a stitch of her time to each hat for good luck. The Colorful Crowns logo was designed by friends of the Ogg’s who lost a baby to a brain tumor. In their honor, Carol has pledged an annual donation to William’s Walk & Run, a fundraiser for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

If you want to get in touch with Carol about ordering one of her special “crowns” for the next baby in your life, email her at carol.ogg@mindspring.com.  Please tell her we sent ya.  🙂

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