Grama’s Tomato Jam

Yesterday, Lisa Schoolcraft, who’s a long-time friend, and I got to talking about tomato jam. Why?  Because I’d just tried it for the first time in my life, and Lisa told me she had her grandmother’s old recipe which she makes from time to time.  

Now that the tomatoes are starting to get bigger and ripen in our gardens, Lisa shared her Grama’s recipe for tomato jam. Simple and classic, this basic recipe sounds delish…but feel free to improvise!

Tomato Jam
From the Kitchen of Margaret Quick

5 cups tomatoes
5 cups sugar (but don’t worry, Lisa says you can cut this amount by half at least!)
Cook 20 minutes. Add large box of raspberry flavored gelatin (or strawberry). Boil another 5 minutes. You can add a little lemon juice and/or substitute unflavored gelatin for flavored. Be sure to dip the tomatoes quickly in boiling water first to remove the skins, or else you’ll be pulling out curled-up tomato skins from
your jam. 🙂

Once cooled, put the jam in glass jars. (You can also can it if you like.) Keep refrigerated and the jam will last a long time. This recipe makes plenty so you’ll have lots to share. Enjoy!

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