An Intentional Summer


On the first day of summer the “Well Family” blog (New York Times) set forth The Intentional Summer Challenge — a weekly list of simple ideas to help us connect more to the season and to those we love.

The first tip? Walk or bike somewhere you’d normally drive to. Pick a short distance that might turn into a ritual (such as a bike ride to work or the library) or an even longer trek.

Our intentions this summer are also quite simple, including big and little pleasures like…

A family beach trip (check)

The Peachtree Road Race (it’s Mike’s 30th)


Making homemade ice cream, and often (the new maker arrived last week)

Spontaneous weekend drives and road trips (our pal David calls this “going loafin'”)

Game of Thrones (Seasons 1-6)

Fun horse time with friends

Read, read, read

And squeezing every possible moment out of being with our kids, without driving them crazy 🙂

Our list really goes on much longer than this, and we hope yours does too. Here’s to a summer filled with loving and fun intentions!

“A sense of autonomy — of making active decisions about how we spend our time — is one of the elements that helps us enjoy our free time.”


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