a ‘good egg’

For a trip last week I grabbed a magazine before boarding the flight and started flipping through during takeoff. What fun to come across “Chick Lit,” by Jennifer Reese, who shared how chickens (yes, chickens) helped get her through a difficult time after losing a job. Certain parts of the story made me “lol”–like when Reese’s teenage daughter almost brought her to tears with criticism over mom’s fondness for the birds (been there/suffered that), or when the hens ate up the garden (yep-they’re voracious, we can attest; ours preferred eggplant), or when the egg-laying production starting coming on like “zucchini in august.” Speaking of eggs, we ourselves are overrun with the big, beautiful brown gifts our two hens–Sam-n’-Ella–give us each morning. We make them every which way we can, but still find ourselves with a ‘frigerator full. So if you want fresh farm eggs, give us a shout. We’re serious. These gals are prolific.

To hear a reading of Ms. Reese’s Chick Lit article, click here…or learn more about her at Tipsy Baker or Marketplace.

“Having chickens is like having foxy teenage daughters. Trouble will find you.”
Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

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