Mike reminded us that today is the 7th anniversary of the day we moved into the farm. Driving two cars heaped high with old furniture, junk, a mattress from our attic in Atlanta, two kids, two Great Danes, one Yorkie and lots of high hopes, we headed to Alabama, closed on the property (while the dogs were in the car, A/C running), and drove up to the hills. It was one of the most exciting–and most anxious–days of our life together. Yet here we all are…several years, drained bank accounts, and buckets of sweat later…happy as can be with the magical little place Mike stumbled across…on the internet.

As we look back and think ahead, here’s one of the first blog posts we wrote. Seems like so long ago, and just yesterday. 🙂  A heartfelt thank-you to all the kind and wonderful neighbors and friends who, over the last seven years, have come into our lives and made us feel right “at home.”



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