Gate Installation 101

Project of the Week: Install Driveway Gate
So we’re about to start the property fencing, and our friend Ron is going to help us with that, but Mike insisted he didn’t need any help installing a driveway gate that will connect with the new fence.
Project summary and lessons learned:
1. You need a flatbed truck to get a large, heavy, metal gate home. Hanging it out the back of a Sequoia while driving down the highway is not a good idea.
2. A concrete base for a fencepost is best put in when the weather forecast calls for sunshine, not rain.
3. A 4×6 fencepost from which to hang a big gate seems reasonable–but a 6×6 is better.
4. A 3/4″ drill bit is needed to bore holes for 2″ bolts. Off to Lowes to get a new drill bit.
5. Ready to drill the holes. Uh-oh, both drill batteries dead. Charge batteries and find something else to do.
6. Okay, holes drilled. Whoops, realize that special 2″ crescent wrenches are needed to get the 2″ bolts off the hinges to hang the gate. Back to Lowes.
7. Hang the !#*^@)*# gate. Pop open a beer. Proudly send wife pictures. Put shiny new tools away ’til next time.

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