Mike’s To-Do List…Part 4

Price new heat pump. (Yep, ours is dying.)
Meet delivery guy for twin mattresses/boxsprings for Arielle’s room. (The air mattresses just aren’t cutting it anymore.)
Get a new electric garage door motor. (“Bud,” our neighbor, tells us this one hasn’t worked in about 10 years, so Mr. Smith just always left the garage open, no matter the weather. Guessing that means the ‘hood’s safe.)
Patch, paint entire garage.
Set up Adrian’s new Foosball table. (Christmas present)
Design, build stone outdoor BBQ pit. (Okay, my idea. Mike’s in no hurry to tackle this one.)
Tear down old dog pen in front yard. (Build nice new one in back yard.)
Review To-Do Lists – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 3.5.
Tell Claudia to stop making these @&%^($!+# lists.

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