Mike’s To-Do List…Part 7

Oh my, this spring-like weather has got us thinking about alllllll the stuff we need to do at the farm, like…
1.  Revisit “Mike’s To-Do Lists…Parts 1-6.”
2.  Prune trees in orchard.
3.  Plant new fruit trees that will grow well out here. (Mr. Wigley, who keeps the place lookin’ good, is suggesting apples, peaches, figs and plums.)
4.  Finish tearing down old greenhouse/pool storage shed. 
5.  Call John the pool guy about a new filter.
6.  Keep working on old barn. Paint it. Replace rusted metal roof panels. Replace more rotten wood. Burn those 40 pallets piled up in the stalls.
7.  Meet with Buster to discuss grass planting/weed killing/fertilizing for all pastures.
8.  Meet with Ron to go over plans for new poolhouse.
9.  Sweet-talk Ron into helping repair shower stall floor, door, tile in guest bath.
10. Call a plumber to replace toilet in same bath.
11. Meet with Shae re: pasture fencing.
12. Deal with seven dead pines behind the barn.
13. Clean up around the pond.
14. Clean up around the creek.
15. Clear the old walking/riding trails through the woods.
16. Buy a wheelbarrow, maybe two.
17. Paint the house exterior.
18. Etc.
19. Etc.
20. Etc.

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