dane takes a vacay

Recently, Dane, our 18-year-old Warmblood, decided to take an extended break from work. Now, he didn’t put in for vacation (or “PTO” as it’s now often called), we certainly didn’t receive any email requests, and it wasn’t on my Outlook calendar either. But for 45 days — yes, 45 days — that punky Hanoverian would not let himself be caught. Trainers tried, cowboys tried, even cute little kids in pink cowgirl boots got in on the action, but the horse was officially ON VACATION.

Yesterday, Michelle and her friend Amanda got a rope around Dane’s neck as he devoured a bucket of sweet feed. But who are we kidding? The horse knew exactly what he was doing and surrendered quietly — as if deciding he had had enough time off and knew it was time to get back to work, or at least enjoy some treats. Today, everyone is happy, including Dane. And he even got a bath.

Thanks, MB, for catching our horse at last. We owe you some treats!

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