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Mike’s To-Do List…Part 1

Paint the interior of the house.
Buy a riding lawnmower.
Price tractors…and then price selling one of our children to buy one.
Replace locks.
Build new gate for dog pen.
Fix the two big holes in the barn walls.
Fence the (um, kind of large) back yard.
Buy cattle gate for driveway.
Try to catch the white dog that keeps rattling things outside the house every night so I can’t sleep.
Throw out debris in house and barn.
Find some nice person to come haul off those pallets from the barn–or have a giant bonfire.
Learn how to not set your pastures on fire while having a giant bonfire.


P.S. We’ve uploaded some pics to flickr if you want to see. Email me at and I’ll send you an invite.

My Other Office

Coffee houses are my home away from office. In ATL, it’s usually San Francisco Coffee Co. or Aurora in VA-Highland. But in Jacksonville, ALA, it’s going to be Java Jolt. Discovered this place on our first day. Tucked away in the downtown square with great coffee, food, music, ambiance and…FREE WI-FI! I’ll be working here often.

First Day on the Farm

Move-in day was loooooooong. Drove to ALA, closed on the farm, moved two SUV-loads full of stuff into the house, picked out paint colors at Lowe’s (in case you’re curious: kitchen will be “coriander,” bedrooms “hemp rope,” the great room will soon be “zen garden sand,” the dining room takes on a “brick hearth” look, and all trim will have the essence of a “waning moon”). Then we spent almost $500 at Wal-Mart buying STUFF. Took a long sunset walk around the property so Mike could show me all (and I do mean all) the property markers with their metal stakes and bright pink plastic ribbons. Lola and Linus romped wildly through the pastures like miniature horses and little Ellie the teacup Yorkie kept getting lost in the tall grass, picking up briars and burrs along the way. It was a happy day. And the best part of all? We fell fast asleep under a dark sky blanketed by stars, listening to a frog serenade from the pond.

Welcome to Our Green Acres

Well, after years of talking about it and dreaming about it, we finally did it. Mike and I bought the farm. This, we’re calling the “green acres” chapter of our lives. A boy from the North and a PR gal from Atlanta…moving to the country, real country, for the first time. Living part-time on 34 acres in a sweet little Alabama town. Up ’til now, I haven’t really considered myself the blogging type. But this phase of our lives is apt to get so ridiculously funny, well, we just have to document it. Plus, we want to remember and share some of the funny, stressful, scary, crazy and beautiful moments ahead. So, welcome to Our Green Acres blog. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂