Coming ‘Home’

Got a voicemail from “Mr. Wigley” last night (he cuts the grass at our place), and he ended the message with “I’ll see you folks when you get home this weekend.” And it suddenly hit me…he was talking about our coming “home” to the farm. How sweet!

Mike’s First Local 5K

Mike took time off from painting last weekend to run the Historic Lincoln Preservation Foundation’s Annual 5K Run. Pictured here in Lincoln, the historic Watson House.


We have a new friend at the barn. Thinking of a name for her. Got any suggestions?


Okay, go ahead and laugh. This is Mike and me on my “Papa’s” farm when we first started dating. 1982.

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Mike’s To-Do List…Part 2

Painting. Lots of painting.
Call “Buster” to have pastures fertilized.
Meet the cable guy.
Plant a garden.
Rebuild the greenhouse.
Find the pool leak.
Design and build a gazebo near the creek.
Research divorce lawyers.
Make friends with the neighbors — especially the ones behind us who have more big fields and trails to ride on. 🙂
Pick location for the riding ring.
Learn to build a riding ring.