Portraits of Dane

Dane was my true soul-mate during the horse show years. He took me to heights (literally) I never thought we’d reach…and patiently showed me how to really ride. We’ve been together for over 12 years now and still going strong — and having fun. 🙂 Mike and I may never have a horse quite like this one again, and we are honored to be his caretakers.

German Bred Hanoverian
August 10 2016 (2) August 10 2016
My best horse friend.

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What happens when we take a few days off and Adrian forgets to collect the eggs.


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Rise ‘n Shine

We love to surprise friends and neighbors with fresh eggs from all the girls. With spring now on its way, egg production here is heading into high gear, so place your orders soon! 😉



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Open the floodgates

Don’t you sometimes just crave a rainy day and the way it forces us to shift gears…suddenly there’s more time to read books, make fires, clean out your closets and, of course, Netflix binge. But we may have to build an ark over here if the rain doesn’t stop soon. The creek overflowed its banks this week and while we were all dismayed, the Danes couldn’t have been more delighted. Even sweet Lola hobbled down to the creek to join in the fun!


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Ho! Ho! Ho-liday!

xmas card 15

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