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  • Colorful Crowns Little Black Sheep
  • Colorful Crowns Little Black Sheep
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  • Colorful Crowns Bunny
  • Colorful Crowns Bunny - Carol Ogg - Colorful Crowns
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  • Colorful Crowns Sweet Pea
  • Carol Ogg Colorful Crowns Sweet Pea
  • Sweet Pea Baby

Knitted Baby Hats


The Most Perfect Baby Gift

Announcing a “new arrival” in the Mercantile – Colorful Crowns! These precious hand-knit baby hats were created by our friend and new Cerakko partner Carol Ogg. We raised our kids together and now all our babies have flown the nest, leaving us just a little more time to enjoy doing more of the things we absolutely love to do. And for Carol, a busy healthcare consultant by day, that extra free time means meditative knitting. A lifelong knitter, she makes each baby crown by hand, using only the finest, 100% cotton she can find. Each hat fits a newborn to 3-month-old, and can be passed down for generations. The Cerakko Farm selection includes Sweet Pea Baby, Little Black Sheep and Rabbit Rabbit. Exceptional quality and just so darling, a baby hat by Carol makes a truly wonderful treasured keepsake. (And that little blanket you see beneath these crowns? That was made for our daughter Arielle by her grandmother and given to her when she was born.)

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Sweet Pea, Little Black Sheep, Rabbit Rabbit


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