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  • Knitted Baby Hats


    The Most Perfect Baby Gift Announcing a "new arrival” in the Mercantile – Colorful Crowns! These precious hand-knit baby hats were created by our friend and new Cerakko partner Carol Ogg.…

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  • Vintage Leather Jewelry


    Wear a piece of the past with these sexy vintage leather jewelry cuffs by leatherworks artist Janna Brooks. Fashioned from actual livestock tack found in old barns and flea markets, Janna…

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  • Black Walnut Kitchen Spoons


    Pat Jonesen captured our attention with these gorgeous kitchen spoons at a holiday party. She was stirring a big ole pot of oyster stew (her mama's recipe) with one of…

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  • Chicken Wire Egg Basket


    You absolutely can put all your eggs in this little basket! Found while picking at an Alabama flea market. Only two in stock. Holds up to two dozen eggs. (These eggs courtesy…

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  • Gourmet Aprons


    Cooking should be fun -- AND fashionable. These striking gourmet aprons are by seamstress Cheryl Hassell of Bath, N.C. Cook in style in one of these chic aprons. The denim aprons pictured here are made with premium…

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  • Hand Carved Rolling Pins


    For years we used standard, store-bought rolling pins...that were probably made in China. Now we only bake with these heavy, hand carved rollers by Arne and Pat Jonesen of Dogtown, Alabama. Each pin…

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  • Egg Salt-n-Pepper Shakers


    Adorable, right? These egg salt-n-pepper shakers were made by potter Lisa Bienko of Ocala, Fla. When she was a little girl, Lisa was always playing in the dirt...making mud pies and…

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  • Piggy Bank


    Because one is never too old for a piggy bank. A piggy bank reminds us to put some money away for a rainy day and teaches kids how to manage their finances…

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