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Aromatherapy Herbal Soaps


This citrusy soap is like that first ray of sunshine in the morning. Pure sweet orange essential oil gives the soap its light orange-citrus scent, enhanced by real bits of lemon, lime and orange peel. Made with all natural ingredients, the refreshing bar has a great lather and is perfect for your morning bath or shower. (Note: sweet orange essential oil is not recommended for skin breakouts or skin with heavy sun exposure.)

An aromatic, herb-infused soap that will have you dreaming of your next spa visit. Scented with pure essential oils like thyme and eucalyptus, it has a soothing, natural blend that helps fight bacteria while boosting circulation and cell regeneration. The scent is a favorite with the fellas – but the ladies love it, too.

A farm favorite, our fragrant lavender bar makes everything feel all right. Infused with pure lavender essential oil to smooth the body while soothing the mind, this luxurious soap also has elder flowers to promote beautiful skin and ground elder berries that gently exfoliate.

This gritty little soap works hard. All natural and made with coffee grounds and, yes, hominy grits! We like to think of it as a “scrub in a soap.” Use this rich-lathering bar for body exfoliation and a good cleansing. Unscented except for the slighted whiff of earthy grits, it’s great for clean-up after gardening, barn chores or working in the yard.

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