A Love of Gifting

laura-doeLaura Doe started collecting and stamping vintage flatware a few years ago so she could give friends and family handmade gifts that were truly special. Folks starting taking notice soon thereafter and encouraged her to share more of these imprinted creations with others. From that encouragement Doe Imprints was born. Laura scours antique and flea markets around the South to pick up random pieces of old silverplated flatware…the kind you remember seeing at Grandma’s house. From there, she hand stamps each one with a funny saying (”Count memories, not calories.”) or label, and does custom orders when friends beg her to do so. We met Laura through a mutual friend at a local farmers market last summer and immediately bought up as many pieces as we could. In many ways, she embodies what the spirit of Cerakko Farm is all about – that is, finding and showcasing artists and craftsmen whose distinctive, handmade works capture the essence of a simpler time. “What I love most is making and giving gifts to others, but it also makes me happy to know that more people will enjoy these vintage pieces and hopefully hand them down for generations,” she says. Laura and her husband, Steve, now retired, make their home in Alabama today after raising a family while they lived all around the country — from Alabama to New Jersey to California – during Steve’s 30-year manufacturing career. (Laura jokes she’s had a registered driver’s license in 8 states!) They have three grown children, three precious grandchildren and divide their time between Alabama and a beach getaway in Florida. Purchase Laura’s stamped utensils here at Cerakko Farm or email us for custom orders. You can see more Doe Imprints Hand Stamped ‘YouTensils’ on Instagram.


Hand Stamped Silver Flatware

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