New Discoveries

We were lucky enough to catch Chris Thile’s Show last weekend at The Town Hall in NYC. And this little gal came on with her guitar midway through the show and simply blew us away. As in tears flowed it was so beautiful. We are now BIG fans of the lovely and talented Sarah Jarosz. From The Blue Heron Project, commissioned by the FreshGrass Festival in North Adams, Massachusetts, here’s her Painted Blue. 


Sweet Melodies

We are getting super excited about the long weekend ahead…filled with good friends, great music, camping, cookouts and lots and lots of fun. Hope your holiday weekend is memorable as well!

We’re especially delighted to get to see this gentleman play under the stars on Friday night. Here are two sweet songs: “Cotton Lullaby” and “Choccolocco Two Step” by local artist Tony Yardley.



From the first summer we moved in, a few old toads have come to hang out each night by (and sometimes in) the pool. Not all have survived us. Dogs got one, cats got another. And someone ran over a big one with the car. But these stoic toads keep coming back every summer — probably to catch bugs under the outside floodlights. Mike even bought them a little house.

Last summer, a young man from our town took this visiting toad experience to a whole new level…creating custom hats for one patient, and obviously fashion-forward, amphibian, in order to help cheer up a child who had lost his pet toad. He only shared the photos just recently, and they spread like wildfire overnight. Since posting, over 1 million curious folks have clicked to see the toad millinery. Read all about the Toad and his Hats on BuzzFeed.

Wide enough…for thee and me

A beautiful and comforting essay for this tumultuous week in America. By Kristin Kimball, who makes her life and living at Essex Farm in Essex, New York.

“This world surely is wide enough to hold both thee and me.”  – Tristram Shandy



Photo by Kristin Kimball, Essex Farm


Music Magic

A magical moment worth sharing a million times over – and the biggest video ever made in country music.