Recline, don’t ‘Lean In’


Hear this one professional woman’s take on trying to be everything for everyone. And maybe…instead of working so hard to lean in and win approvals, we should learn to kick back and chill out just a little bit more.

“Perhaps the modern equivalent of Woolf’s ‘room of her own’ is the right to stop ‘leaning in’ all the time. There is, after all, much to be said for leaning out — for long lunches, afternoon naps, good books and some nice, slow hours in the La-Z-Boy […or hammock].”

Read this “manifestus for the rest of us” in She The People (Washington Post).

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c’mon, get happy!


After reading this article, I’ve been humming The Partridge Family theme song all day. Fast Company gives us proof on why these simple rules can make for a happier life.

 “10 Simple, Science-Backed Ways To Be Happier Today”


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a new way of life




Wondering if you could make a living — and make a life — all in one happy place? Here’s how one family is doing it in Mooresville, Alabama.

1818 Farms











Photos from; sheep closeup by Sarah Cole


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mind your mindfulness




Do you battle interruption overload?

Read how to employ greater mindfulness in your job.
You’ll work smarter, feel better and have the power to achieve great things.
‘A few minutes to refocus’


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‘strategic renewal’



Work less, get more done. Sound crazy? Author and CEO Tony Schwartz of The Energy Project doesn’t think so. Read his opinion piece from today’s NYT.

 young girl taking a nap on a tree trunk in the countryside

“I learned that it’s not how long, but how well, you renew that matters most in terms of performance. Even renewal requires practice. The more rapidly and deeply I learned to quiet my mind and relax my body, the more restored I felt afterward.” – Tony Schwartz

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