Welcome to Our Green Acres.

For the last few years, this blog has chronicled our adventures (and sometimes misadventures!) restoring a sweet little farm in rural Alabama, the state where Mike D’Avanzo and I first met — as freshmen at Auburn University. But in addition to keeping family and friends apprised of our progress, we also wanted to create a “feel-good life blog” where readers could stop by, read a little, smile a little, share some stories of their own on occasion, and then go on about their day. It’s kind of like the online equivalent of a Southern front porch…minus the sweet tea. And the picture you see above? Well, that was taken in 1982 on my Papa’s farm — the first time I brought Mike home to meet the folks. The Brooks farm brings back so many happy memories for me and my brothers and sisters and was the inspiration for this blog.

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